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When you donate a ticket, it specifies the amount to be donated to the social project you chose. At the beginning of each month, Ribon adds up the total ticket amounts from the previous month and transfers them to each NGO. The transfer receipts can be viewed below.
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More than just a donation platform, we are a community of people with a shared purpose. Our mission is to make donation possible for everyone and to demonstrate the impact that each person can have.

See below the achievements of each NGO supported by Ribon:

Results by NGO

*Our life impact calculations are estimates based on external studies from NGOs. These are estimates and do not represent the final destination of the donation funds.
Evidence Action
Total raised for the nonprofit
US$ 228.05
Equivalent to
356 people* with access to clean water for 6 months. Ensuring a healthier future!
Providing clean water.
New Incentives
Total raised for the nonprofit
US$ 96.83
Equivalent to
4 babies with complete vaccination schedules*. Protecting bright futures!
Encouraging childhood immunization
Against Malaria Foundation
Total raised for the nonprofits
US$ 192.35
Equivalent to
192 people* protected from malaria for a year. Keeping this dangerous insect away!
Ensuring protection against malaria
Total raised for the nonprofit
US$ 129.04
Equivalent to
12 mothers and their children* with healthcare for one year. Community care!
Support maternal and child health
Saha Global
Total raised for the nonprofit
US$ 255.44
Equivalent to
17 people with clean water for 10 years*. Empowering women with training and clean water!
Support water treatment centers
Animal Advocacy Africa
Total raised for the nonprofit
US$ 117.28
Equivalent to
3,909 animals* enjoying freedom and outdoor well-being for a year!
Ensure free-range living for farm animals
Fish Welfare Initiative
Total raised for the nonprofit
US$ 67.04
Equivalent to
447 fish* with clean water and space. Less stress and disease!
Improving the lives of farmed fish
Américas Amigas
Total raised for the nonprofit
US$ 90.70
Equivalent to
1 women* with guaranteed and protected mammograms for one year. Prevention and care!
Protecting against breast cancer
Américas Amigas
Total raised for the nonprofit
US$ 148.54
Equivalent to
1 accelerated diagnoses*, reducing wait times and ensuring prompt initiation of breast cancer treatment.
Accelerating breast cancer diagnoses
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