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When you donate a ticket, it designates the value to be donated to the social project you have chosen. At the end of each month, Ribon totals the overall values of the tickets and transfers them to the NGOs. The transfer receipts can be viewed below.
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Overall Results

Total donations made
Total Transferred to nonprofits
US$ 6,377.04
People who donated
More than just a donation platform, we are a community of people with a shared purpose. Our mission is to make donation possible for everyone and to demonstrate the impact that each person can have.

See below the achievements of each NGO supported by Ribon:

Results by NGO

Evidence Action
Total transferred to the NGO.
US$ 1,264.85
1,686 people impacted!
Through the filtration dispensers installed by Avidence Action, we helped 1,686 people gain access to clean water for a period of 6 months.
New Incentives
Total transferred to the NGO.
US$ 979.79
Vaccination schedule secured!
With your donation, we assisted New Incentives in providing complete vaccination schedules for 40 babies this month.
Against Malaria Foundation
Total transferred to the NGO.
US$ 927.26
Protection against malaria!
Protection against malaria for a whole year for 927 people! Your donations have a direct impact on the supply and distribution of household protection screens, keeping away this dangerous insect.
Total transferred to the NGO.
US$ 1,106.32
Impact for 101 mothers!
Your donation to Lwala translates into healthcare for mothers and children for a whole year. It warms the heart to know that we have ensured this impact for another month!
Saha Global
Total transferred to the NGO.
US$ 1,036.26
Empowering women!
Your donation ensured clean water for 10 years for 80 people, through training and materials provided to women by Saha Global, who purify water in their communities.
Animal Advocacy Africa
Total transferred to the NGO.
US$ 672.54
Free-range living!
Donations provided a year of confinement-free living for 22,000 farm animals, providing them with moments of outdoor well-being.
Fish Welfare Initiative
Total transferred to the NGO.
US$ 390.02
Your donation was important!
It ensured clean water and space for 2,600 little fishy friends to live. The result? Less stress and a significant decrease in the spread of diseases among them.
You are part of this amazing result!
Thank you for being part of Ribon's donor community!
Doing good feels good!
See you around. :)