Every day, thousands of people are rewarded with donation tickets when using services from Ribon's partner companies. With your help, we can expand this network so that more and more people can experience donating with us.

Refer companies and earn up to A THOUSAND donation tickets!

Companies already distributing donation tickets:

  • Benefits for you
    10 tickets for every referred contact.
    100 tickets for every scheduled meeting.
    1,000 tickets for every finalized partnership.
  • Benefits for companies
    • Increased user engagement.
    • Improvement in key metrics such as sign-ups, clicks, and purchases.
    • Enhanced brand perception for promoting social good.
  • Benefits for Ribon
    More individuals receiving our tickets.
    More people donating through Ribon.
    More lives being helped.

Why Refer Ribon?

Completely frees
For both companies and users, as the tickets are funded by Ribon's partnering foundations.
Easy to implement
Companies can seamlessly add this experience by inserting a button.
Win-win for all
Our partnership system benefits the company, Ribon, you, and the world!
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