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Refer a company you believe would be awesome for a partnership with Ribon, and we'll take it from there! And as a thank you for helping us reach more donors, you'll receive 1,000 tickets if the partnership happens!

Referrals that Change the World!

How does Ribon's partnership with companies work?

At Ribon, we provide donation tickets that companies can share with their users as a reward for pecific actions.
Completely free
The tickets have already been paid for by Ribon's partner foundations, so neither the company nor users have to pay anything!

Why recommend Ribon?

Easy to implement
The company can easily add this experience by simply inserting a button.
Adds social value
The impact of donations brings visibility and relevance to the company.

See what you and the world can gain (besides benefiting the company)!

10 donation tickets for each referral
100 donation tickets if we manage to arrange a meeting with the referred company
1,000 donation tickets If any company you refer actually partners with us
* We will verify and send the extra donation tickets once a week.
Referring is very easy, see how to do it:
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Join us and be part of the change we want to see in the world!
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