In a few clicks, create a charitable experience for your customers, making a meaningful impact and enhancing your brand – at no cost

Elevate your brand with a commitment to social impact

Free donation tickets: an innovative approach

Our funded donations become distribution-ready tickets for you
Choose desired actions within your product experience for incentivization
Reward customers with tickets upon completing actions

Direct them to your custom page where they choose the nonprofit they want to donate their tickets to
Your customers will associate the joy of giving with your brand experience
Create your page in a heartbeat
Lead your community to support charities through your company page
United Nations Global Compact
"More than 9,000 companies have committed to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals"
Accenture Research
Over half (52%) of US consumers prefer brands that support causes they care about”
Deloitte Research
81% of millennials expect brands to commit to charitable causes “

Partner Spotlight

6,940 customers donated, directing $1.230 to charity
Scheduling an appointment
Accessing the platform
15,493 customers donated, directing $1,007 to charity
Scanning a receipt
174,337 customers donated, directing $48,390 to charity

Your impact pays our service


Free for good



+10K monthly


+50K monthly

Donation tickets
Reward customers with 1 donation ticket a day
Personalized page
Personalize your page featuring your logo and custom link
Post on Ribon's feed
Publish anything on our good news feed
1 post a month
3 posts a month
Partners page
Be listed on our partners page and give tasks to our users
Access our team for implementation guidance and best practices
Impact report
Track your charitable impact with data and trend analysis
Monthly email with results
Live Dashboard
Live Dashboard
Landing page
Media kit
Choose Causes
Select the causes that align best with your business to showcase on your page
Custom up to 2
*$49 per month
Custom up to 4
*$99 per month
Questions about what's
best for your business?
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Ribon was considered one of the 10 most innovative donating technologies in the world by IDEO and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation